Monday, February 2, 2009

Magneto Secure Storage App on my Smartphone

Check out my smartphone. A friend spotted it at Ann Arbor's ReUse Center and snapped it up for a paltry $10! Pretty smart!
Unscrew the front cover and you can see the interior. Someone's removed the magneto and crank that once gave this phone power. What does that mean? A secret storage space!

Just look at how much data you can stash away in here. Loads of 1887 microfilm printouts with very old data, the complete journals of Lewis and Clark, and look--capacious image storage too! Slap that baby closed and reinsert the screw and voila! There's not a soul in the world who would ever guess that your valuable data is squirreled away in there! Except for the fact that I've now told the world...