Sunday, August 31, 2014

General statistics for 1930 Ypsilanti, from promotional brochure.
Say what you will about Ypsi: we have adequate power and transport facilities. According to the 1930 promotional brochure from which this pic is taken, Ypsi in 1930 had 13,000 people in 2 1/8 square miles, with a valuation of 9,000,000 dollars and a debt of $490,000 (ah, god, those were the days.) 12.9 miles of paving! 33 miles of public sewers! 15 factories within city limits!
Ypsilanti: A city you can be proud to call "home." "Without blowing its horn, Ypsilanti also admits to being in industry, rich in commerce, rich in community-minded residents." From 1970 promotional brochure.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Onetime Ypsi store: Hayward's. For the Now Generation. Also: The Johnny Carson Collection (downstairs). From 1970 city publicity brochure.
City Hall "cheese grater" facade, from 1970 Ypsilanti publicity brochure.