Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Mystery Spot: 1927 N. Huron

Last week's Mystery Spot showed a sliver of a familiar street with a barber pole and an enigmatic sign saying "YPS BA."

This is a bit of the west side of North Huron from about 1927. At right you can see Pearl Street's mouth. The "Bazaar" was a notions and variety store. On the first floor is a "Men's Furnishings" store. Heading south we can see the Sonora phonograph shop ("clear as a bell"), a small dentist's office, "Louis the Tailor," Shaefer Hardware in its original spot, and the Economy Store (click to enlarge).

Today we're venturing out of Ypsilanti--but not far. Take a gander at this view from a Washtenaw County spot. Take a guess and good luck!


BF said...

My guess is Saline, based on the roof and the decorative roof support.

Dusty D said...

Interesting guess the way the Saline Historical Society now has a FB page and there's "Christmas on the Farm" info there...that occurs this weekend. Great chance to see a reenactment of Depression-era farm life!

Phantom Railfan said...

I'll second Saline; the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern depot.