Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Turn-of-the-Century Dorm Room, EMU

Not sure what year this is; online resources are quiet on "Edith Whitcomb," a student whose room this was. There are hits for Edith Whitcombs working as a teacher; I'll have to check the really old Aurora yearbooks to make sure (the ones in my collection don't quite go back this far). Can also check for when "It's a Funny Side of Life" was produced on campus in the old Normal News papers. The photo negatice appears to have been reversed.


cmadler said...

It would also be interesting to know where (what building) this room was.

Dusty D said...

It would indeed. So often photographs have just these sorts of tiny, incomplete bits of documentation.

We recently found a photo in an old yearbook at the Archives...and were careful to document the yearbook year, yearbook page number, and name of yearbook owner on a card now stored with the photo.