Thursday, November 11, 2010

Normalites Working During the Depression

This article is merely an interesting little peek into EMU students during the Depression. Somehow I had imagined students of the past sort of just existing at school but then as now many worked hard in addition to their studies to pay their way through school.

"The percentage of student employment among Normal College students this year is comparatively high, with 27 percent of the women students working, and 29.9 per cent of the men having some type of employment.

"Two hundred fifty-three of the 923 women on the campus were employed Oct. 20, and 180 of the 600 men were also working, according to figures released by Assistant Dean of Women Fannie E. Beal, and Dean of Men James M. Brown. This makes a total of 433 students working of the 1,523 enrolled.

"The jobs vary from washing dishes in restaurants to newspaper reporting and office work. Fifty-four students are working for their room, 116 for their board, 105 for room and board, while 142 are working for wages."

--November 2, 1933 Ypsilanti Daily Press

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