Monday, July 18, 2011

On Saturday and Monday street fakers visited this city and caught more than the average number of fish. The Indian doctor? on Monday evening capturing a hat full of silver dollars.

Who says the bike is not more powerful than the legislature to compel a reduction in fares? Tuesday morning last week Mr. and Mrs. Lee Forsyth of this city mounted their wheels and started for Kankakee, Ill., reaching Battle Creek the first day. They expected to make their visit and return yesterday. But for the bike they would probably have paid $35 to the railroad company, but this they saved. The time may come when the railroads will acknowledge the competition of the bike, and cut their fares or lose their custom.

Miss Maggie Smith, a young girl of 16, tried to commit suicide last Tuesday by taking a dose of laudanum. She was ashamed of her mother who is addicted to the use of strong drink. Her rash act was discovered in time to save her life.

--July 18, 1895 Ypsilantian

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