Friday, July 15, 2011

When Kids Demanded Milk

I could be reading too much into this little cartoon from the January 22, 1951 Ypsilanti Daily Press but--oh, for the days when kids demanded milk.

I like the mini fridge and didn't realize fridges that small were made at one time. I also note that he freezer is sensibly on the bottom. Wonder why they switched it to the top. In addition, Mom is shopping in heels...urgh. Can't say I'm sorry I was born after that era.

203 Prospect is just north of Michigan Ave. and south of the crumbling railroad bridge. So in 1951 Ypsilanti had a hometown dairy, "owned and operated by Ypsilantians." It's also news to me that as late as 1951, 3-digit phone numbers apparently still existed.

"More milk, please, Mom!" Ah, if only...

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cosmonıcan said...

I was going through a junk box recently and found a Rolodex that we used in the mid 60's, most all 3-digit numbers. A lot of those were party lines too.