Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gyrating Bicycle; Circuses; Arrested for Truancy: Tidbits from the March 11, 1887 Ypsilanti Commercial

"Jane Simmons was taken to Adrian* Tuesday for one year. She was arrested under the truancy law and sentenced by Justice Joslyn.

"The Queen City** Quartet will furnish music for the prohibitory amendment meetings which will be held."

"The small boy should be happy, and economical. Three large circuses, Forepaugh's, Dorris', and Sells Brothers', will invade Michigan early this spring."

"The W. C. T. U. will meet at the Methodist chapel Tuesday afternoon, March 15, at 3 o'clock. Topic, Will the prohibitory amendment, if carried, interfere with the use of fermented wine for sacramental purposes? The question for discussion last week, That the tax or license system interferes with the liberty of a greater number of persons than a prohibitory law, was nearly unanimously decided in the affirmative."

"The warm weather has brought out the bicycle, and during the past week Charlie Sweet has been putting his through an unusual number of gyrations much to the enjoyment of the spectators. Charlie has become an adept with the 'wheel'."

--Ypsilanti Commercial, March 11, 1887

*Adrian had a state institution designed for errant girls. Supposedly one main building on the grounds had basement jail cells where especially troublesome girls were kept.
**Ypsilanti was one of several Michigan cities that gave itself the nickname "Queen City."

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