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Sarah Jane Norton Diaries: An Emigrant's Life in Ypsilanti

In the spring of 1864, 24-year-old Sarah Jane Norton, her 28-year-old husband Austin, and the couple's infant son Charlie emigrated from Sharon Springs, New York, to Ypsilanti. Sarah kept a diary over the next 43 years until her death in November of 1906. Her 1864 diary will be serialized here during 2012. To see all entries to date, see the "Sarah Jane Norton" tag at bottom.

At left she is pictured in 1888 at age 49. Introduction to the Norton family.

3/18/1864: Ironed today

3/19/1864: Father, Mother, Charlie and I were over to Mr. Millingtons today visiting Aut would not go I had a very good visit Charlie stuck close to me all day. It was very cold

3/20/1864: Father and I went to Church Ma and Aut stayed home and took care of Charlie

3/21/1864: Washed. Had some calls

3/22/1864: Down to the store and traded some. I have plenty of sewing geting Aut ready for summer Nelly Davis and her man called he is going of tomorrow to join his regiment

3/23/1864: Charlie's arm is working nicely. he is breaking out with the chicken pox

3/24/1864: We had not been to bed but a little while last night when Charlie was taken very sick I was up with him all night. he did not sleep more then fifteen minutes at a time all night his neck is swelling it looks like the mumps

These diaries were written by Sarah Jane Norton and are the property of the Norton Family. They may be used and reproduced for genealogical and historical purposes only. No commercial use is allowed without the express, written permission of Dennis Norton and no charge may be made for, nor income derived from their use.

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