Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ancillary materials for Drowning Story

Here are some additional materials to accompany my recent story about the detective who drowned on 634 River St. at Forest. Click on any image to enlarge.

1. & 2. Photos of the now-vanished house.
3. A 1974 article about the house's demolition.
4. A 1968 profile of the house.
5. A map of its location; it's on lot # 529.
6. & 7. Abstract of the house that gives excerpts of Elvira's will. Note the unequal distribution of assets to each of the 2 grandsons. Note: Frederick is not buried in Highland Cemetery with the other family members, according to the Highland index and a visit I made.
8. & 9. A history of previous owners.


lhillebr said...

Very interesting article!

Dusty D said...

Thank you! I'll try to include more "background materials" posts for future stories.