Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun with binomial nomenclature

Dusty D is working on a story involving the scientific names of animals. In learning about the scientific names of animals, I stumbled across this site, which rounds up amusing, punning, sometimes flat silly scientific names. Highlight:

Ochisme (genus name, pronounced "oh kiss me") Kirkaldy, 1904 (ochisme is a genus within hemiptera, which is the order name for "bugs")
Dolichisme Kirkaldy, 1904 (hemiptera)
Florichisme Kirkaldy, 1904 (hemiptera)
Marichisme Kirkaldy, 1904 (hemiptera)
Nanichisme Kirkaldy, 1904 (hemiptera)
Peggichisme Kirkaldy, 1904 (hemiptera)
Polychisme Kirkaldy, 1904 (hemiptera) Kirkaldy was criticized for frivolity by the London Zoological Society in 1912.

Oh, piffity poo, that London Zoological Society is no fun at all. Also I notice that it took at least 7 bugs' worth of silliness before the LZS caught on. Heh. Kudos to George Willis Kirkaldy, author of the page-turner Leafhoppers and their Natural Enemies and bestower of silly bug names.


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