Friday, January 21, 2011

1930 Aerial View of Ypsilanti

This item was found on an online auction (larger image here) by Ann Arbor historian Wystan Stevens. He speculated that the SOS octagon house was located ner the water tower prior to 1966, when it was moved to River Street.

*Look at how small the EMU campus is, even including the gymnasium just east of the Water Tower.
*Farm(?)land just a stone's throw from campus.
*Just west of town, looks like Washtenaw turns into a dirt road.
*Look at how isolated Roosevelt School/Hall is from the other few campus buildings. It's in a grove of trees, for Pete's sake.
*The farmed patch to the north and west of Roosevelt might be the school's onetime flower garden.
*There appears to be a residential block just north of Pease Hall. Professors' homes? Student boarding houses?

What tidbits do you notice?

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Dusty D said...

What on earth is that thin tower-smokestack thing just north and west of the Water Tower, on EMU's campus? I was about to say perhaps Tubal Cain Owen's mineral well smokestack, left over? Could that be? The family lived about where Roosevelt stands to my understanding.