Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dueling Combines Empty the Town

"The deserted streets of Ypsilanti Saturday afternoon may have suggested that the whole town had gone to the picnic at Whitmore Lake, but it would have been a mistake. The center of attention was Ainsworth's cornfield, where the corn harvesters of two fields were being tested. The McCormick and the Deering were showing up their good qualities in corn that overtopped the machine by several feet. Something less than 200 men constituted the jury, and witnessed this contest.

"Their vision was cleared by cigars at the expense of the agents of the two firms and their throats moistened by lemonade from the same generous source, and after the contest was all over, it was the general opinion that either machine would be satisfactory were the other away. The fact is there seemed very little differrence in the character of the work done by the machines, or in the draft necessary to work them. It is understood that Mr. Ainsworth expects to purchase one or both of the machines; at least, at this writing he is undecided which one to take." --September 3, 1896 Ypsilantian

Deering reaper image source.

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