Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tidbits from the September 21, 1878 Ypsilanti Commercial

It is said to be a fact that the majority of insane persons in the Washtenaw Asylum are farmer's wives.

Before the war prints sold in this city for ten cents a yard. Now they are selling for six. The dollar of the laboring man is becoming every day more valuable.

Even the convicts at the State prison are contributing to the funds for the relief of yellow fever sufferers. Chaplain Hickox has sent $10, and is gathering some more.

James Callahan returned from a ten months' sojourn in State Prison to Elba, Gratiot County, to find his wife married to another man. He was sent for stealing $50, and it now transpires that his wife stole the money and he went rather than expose her.

Four men in Clam Lake Township, Wexford County, have been served with a summons by the sheriff to show cause why they do not comply with the school law and send their children to school. The complaint was made by the director of the school district.

Another atrocious case of body-snatching occurred at Willoughby, near Cleveland, Ohio. The body of Edwin French, a prominent citizen of Cleveland, was exhumed. The body was found in the tank underneath the floor of the Cleveland Homeopathic College, and the Dean and a dozen others have been arrested.

Officer Baker, of Lansing, who lost the prisoner (George Stafford) he had taken charge of at Adrian, went to bed with the gent handcuffed to him, but awoke at 5 o'clock in the morning to find the bird had flown, he having "shook the bracelets" by some unaccountable method and left them in the bed behind him. He had about three-quarters of an hour the start of the officer, and no clue has been obtained of him yet.

THE INDIAN WEED---John J. Bagley & Co. have celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their entrance into business by sending to the press of the State large boxes of the "May-Flower" chewing tobacco and the "Old Hickory" smoking tobacco. The persons who have been engaged to chew the tobacco for this office report that they never had easier work, and the reports of the smokers are none the less satisfactory. We return many thanks for the gift.

THE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL---Notice has been given that the Hospital connected with the medical department of the University, is now open for the reception of patients. A resident physician and competent nurses are in attendance; and daily visits will be made by the faculty, whose services are absolutely free of charge. Patients are charged $5.00 per week for board during their stay at the hospital. Full information may be obtained by addressing Dr. Maclean, Resident Physician, Ann Arbor.

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