Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/15/1912: Peckville-Area Worden Greenhouse in Danger!

Here's one side effect of the severe cold wave Ypsi was experiencing in January and February of 1912. This item is from the February 15, 1912 Ypsilanti Daily Press.

John Worden was a florist. His greenhouse was on the east side of River Street opposite Highland Cemetery, and his home was at 733 River on the west side of the street. The site where John's home stood is now the small empty field on River across which one can see the Corner Brewery.

John had landholdings opposite the cemetery, as seen below. His Peckville-area land adjoined properties held by machinist Robert Ziegler (possibly misspelled on plat map), dairyman Dwight Peck, cider manufacturer Harvey James, William Leslie, and Nelson Freeman. The little sliver cut from its southwestern edge is labeled "Pattee's Addition."

Thank goodness John could fetch water from the nearby river for his greenhouse boiler, that chilly day!

The onetime Worden land as seen today:


Jan Anschuetz said...

You are amazing. I love it - Peckville area!

Dusty D said...

:) How about this phrase: "greater Peckville area...." :D

"Citizens were alerted to keep on the lookout for a lost black Lab dog in the greater Peckville area." :)