Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poop Vaults; Donkey Social; Lettuce Sample: Tidbits from the February 18, 1887 Ypsilanti Commercial

"There is a rumor abroad that Mr. F. J. Swaine* has refused to purchase barley from farmers in this locality on account of the submission of the prohibition amendment.** Mr. Swaine says there is no truth in the statement."

"MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION.--Messrs." Why don't you clean out that sink of corruption, the privy vaults at the Seminary? Why don't you replace them by boxes, easily removed and cleaned at least monthly? We call the attention to the Board of Health to this matter."

"Wednesday evening of this week a donkey social was given at the residence of D. L. Quirk, under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid Society of St. Luke's, which about 225 of our people attended. A number were present from Detroit and Ann Arbor. A very pleasant social and dancer were enjoyed. A prize was given the one putting the donkey's tail nearest the right place, a vase, which was won by Mrs. Dr. Watling; also one to the person getting it farthest away. The second prize, a miniature donkey, was won by Miss Maggie VanCleve, who received it with her customary grace of witty repartee. Miss VanCleve honored Chas. R. Whitman by pinning her prize on his coat. The "donkey" to this day remaineth at the house of one D. L. Quirk of Ypsilanti, and awaiteth the coming of the true owner thereof, when it shall be given unto her."

"Mr. Cassler has winter lettuce, over the river, a number of beds, growing out doors in hot beds, very nice and tender. He left a specimen with us."

--February 18, 1887 Ypsilanti Commercial

* Frederick Swaine of Forest Street was a maltster. Per Janice Anschuetz, who currently occupies the Swaine home, "On stationary and business cards, Frederick Swaine presented himself as “Maltster and Dealer in Barley, Malt and Hops.”

**an amendment to MI's constitution adopted Nov. 1, 1916; MI ratified the federal 18th Amendment on January 2, 1919.

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TeacherPatti said...

I like the idea of being a "Malster & dealer in barley, malt and hops" :) :)
I also want to have a donkey party.