Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday is Double Deadline Day Dusty D dashed off to do a bout of research in the Archives for one last thing.

Man, is that place creepy when you're alone there.

Dusty D busily checked the microfilm for her target date and stared determinedly at the tiny text. Now, DD is a steely-eyed, iron-stomached, copper-toed realist. I don't cotton to all that ghost nonsense, nosir.

Not too much, anyways.

DD ignored what appeared to be flickers out of the corner of her eye (just my imagination) and a feeling of being watched (bah, indigestion or something).

Then the microfilm drawer closed by itself.

Which it has never done in my frequent use of it in the past.

"Ha ha, how odd!" Dusty D cheerfully thought while leisurely gathering her things at about 95 mph. "Must just be a hidden spring or something, yes, that's it of course," she meditated, while setting the security code in a blaze of fingers and springing like a springbok up the steps. "Funny thing, that."


James said...

Funny thing that. Funny thing when I heard a woman singing while I was alone in the building a few years ago. I felt no fear, none at all, as I rushed out the door. After all, I was done for the day.

Nothing at all, I just felt a cold spot on the right side of my head while a paranormal research society carried out an invesitgation. Must have been something I had for supper.

After all, there is no such thing as ghosts. Right! I will be aguest speaker at the Michigan Presiveration Network in May. My talk is entitled "Ghosts Hunting in the Museum." This will be in Ann Arbor on Saturday, May 15.

No such as thing as ghosts. I just have no idea what caused that knock from the upper floor, while no one was there.

Dusty D said...

Oh, no such thing, I agree. And that knock that you and the other folks heard that day was only the wind.

Wait, was it windy that day?

Oh, must have been, must have been.

And the man that the one Archives volunteer saw for an instant back by the video screen area, as reported by G.R., was...just an afterimage, that's it.

Just an afterimage.

Jennifer Redfern said...

man i say its a funny thing alot i guess.