Friday, April 30, 2010

Ypsilanti Teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 Diary

Apr. 24 Fri. Came home from school. Copied my minutes. Was just eating supper when Carrie N. came. It did not take me but a few minutes to get ready. We went and stopped for Joe and then took a little walk. Were the first girls up to Lyceum. There was not anyone there excepting Hawkins S. and McCormick, but they soon came. Never had a better time in Lyceum. Had a good talk in the Library. A nice time promenading.

Apr. 25 Sat. Got up quite early this morning. Sent a note to Joe and to Carrie to see if they could go to ANn Arbor with Marion and of course they said yes. We started about half past eleven. The fortune teller was not there, but we had a gay time and never laughed so hard in all my life before as I did. Then got home past four. Carrie stayed to tea, then I went up home with her to stay all night. We had a good talk as usual. Grandma gave me a piece of bread.

Apr. 26 Sun. Went home from Carrie's and get ready for Church. Stay for S.S. Slept most all of the afternoon. Commenced my Lyceum book. It is real good. Joe N. came down tonight. The girls were gone up to Aunt L. (Lizzie) so I went to church with her. Got there early and got the corner seat.

Apr. 27 Mon. Have had a good deal of fun in school today. Got mad in Geometry class and would not answer a questin. Came home and wrote in the Records, practiced a little. The girls have gone to the Lodge. Got some paper today to write the paper. Have had all of my lessons today except Geometry.

Apr. 28 Tues. Carrie N. came down this afternoon and stayed all of the afternoon. We went over to the shop to get weighed. Carrie weighed 133, I weighed 99, Marion 93. We had a better talk than we have had in a long time. (Note: The shop was the McCullough Foundry and Machine Shop, next door.)

Apr. 29 Wed. Came home from school. Wrote the minutes, copied them into the Records and then went to work and wrote an essay for school and copied it. Studied my lessons over and was tired enough. Never worked harder at my lessons.

Apr. 30 Thurs. Read my composition this morning and Miss Pierce told me it was very nice. I wrote the minutes off for tomorrow. Studied all of my lessons over, sewed the papers together for my Seminary Times and then wrote quite a little in them. Was tired enough tonight, too, for I wrote until after ten.

May 1 Fri. Stayed out of school this afternoon and wrote all of the afternoon for the paper and it is just splendid. Got all ready, ate my supper and Carrie N. came we're just starting when Joe came. I dressed all in black. We had a pleasant but not very gay social. I read hte minutes and then the paper. Everyone seemed to think it was gay.

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