Friday, April 23, 2010

Ypsilanti Teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 Diary

Apr. 17 Fri. Went to Lyceum. There were very few there, but I had a very good time. Bert (?) was with Mr. S. most of the time. Sat with him during Lyceum and when it was out he asked me if he might carry my books home for me. I had an introduction to Mr. Harold and he is just as nice as can be. Went into the Library and had quite a good talk with Mr. Spoor.

Apr. 18 Sat. Had just opened the door to go up to Carrie N.'s when she came and we came up stairs and had ust got up when Jennie S. came. We went up town with her to have her pictures taken, then up to Carrie's. Durbin was not there when we went, but he came after and I treated him so cool that he noticed it and spoke about it. I told him why I did so. I plagued him about it to death by taking his picture. Jumped out of the window.

Apr. 19 Sun. Went to church in the morning and stayed to S.S. Carrie was there. We had quite a talk. Mary B. (Busby) came here to dinner. Went to Temperance S.S. with Joe H. The teacher of our class had come back so we went in the Bible class. Joe W. came home with us and went to church with us in the evening. It rained when we came home.

Apr. 20 Mon. Did not go to school today on account of a sprained ankle, but read and played all day and it has rained all day too. Had a nice time this morning and quite a little fun. THey have sold our cow and calf, but we are to have another soon.

Apr. 21 Tues. I thought that I would be able to go to school today, but found that I was not. Went up with Mary to have her picture taken. She had it taken with her hair down. Carrie N. came in the faternoon and we had a splendid good talk. She was just going when Joe W. came. They stayed a little while longer. We had a rousing time. Charlie B. came over and spent the evening and have something (?).

Apr. 22 Wed. Went to school today. They all seemed quite glad to see me. Had my Latin and French lessons, but missed in Geometry. Came home from school tonight and the very first thing sat down in the window just covered with paint. After that was cleaned off I went up to Carrie's. Had a good talk. She came home with me. Durbin was not there. Carrie made me a present of a silver napkin ring.

Apr. 23 Thurs. Have had all of my lessons today even to Geometry. Strickland was up there tonight. Felt just O.K. coming home from school. I wrote my minutes for tomorrow night and practiced and wrote French exercises. Did not commence to study until half past eight and then did not study more than a half hour.

Apr. 24 Fri. Came home from school. Copied my minutes. Was just eating supper when Carrie N. came. It did not take me but a few minutes to get ready. We went and stopped for Joe and then took a little walk. Were the first girls up to Lyceum. There was not anyone there excepting Hawkins S. and McCormick, but they soon came. Never had a better time in Lyceum. Had a good talk in the Library. A nice time promenading.

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She caused Durbin to jump out the window? Wow.