Friday, April 9, 2010

Response to Reader Question: Pics of Schad(e) Block?

A reader asked if I had any pics of the actual Schad(e) Block, to compare with the one the Bentley ID'd as a pic of said Block. Yepperooney. I could only photocopy them, since the computer-scanner was in use today at the Archives. These photos are from one of the Locations files corresponding with 302 E. Michigan Ave. (roughly, Bomber restaurant today). On the back, the photos were labeled "Schad Block."

Below is the Bentley pic that James Mann ID'd as the first bit of N. Huron Street. James kindly showed me the original, which was printed with the legend "N. Huron Street." Second are the Schad(e) Block pix I photocopied.

And just for good measure here's an ad that was also in the Location file for 302 E. Michigan Ave. There's no date, so I don't know if it corresponds in era to the Schad (bah, go away, "e") Block pix. At any rate, I hope these are of interest! Thanks to James, and readers, for helping solve this perplexing mystery!

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