Saturday, April 10, 2010

Response to Reader Request: Why is Candy Cane Park Called Candy Cane Park?

Dusty D checked the Candy Cane Park file today in the Archives. The only thing in there was one 1995 AA News article about this park in College Heights just west of EMU. Photocopied this.

Boiled down, the article says that the Kiwanis spiffed it up in the mid-50s and apparently named it thus--it was originally called College Heights Park. Was it called Candy Cane because the park was intended for kids? Was it because the park was dedicated around Christmas? Was it because one of the Kiwanis was nicknamed "Candy Cane Carl" due to his penchant for said canes? I still don't know. Perhaps the Kiwanis know. Hmm, wonder if any are reading here. At any rate, research is ongoing and I'll post anything I find when I do! Thanks for the question! Article below (click for larger image).

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