Thursday, October 21, 2010

Allie McCullough's Onetime Suitor

In 1912, a onetime contemporary of Ypsilanti teen diarist Allie McCullough was rising in power and influence. Having served as a congressman, 56-year-old Lucking was campaigning for senator. He would not win this election, but two years later became legal counsel for the Ford Motor Company, a job he held until 1923, six years before his death. Lucking is buried in Detroit's Woodlawn Cemetery at Woodward and 8 Mile...far from the resting place of his onetime friend from so many years ago.

June 4 Thurs. Stayed this noon in the Library and Alfred Lucking and J. S. was there too and we had a splendid time. Never want a better time. Have written on my essay. Am afraid that it will not be very good.

June 13 Sat. Carrie came down early and stayed to tea. We had a real nice time. When she went home I went up to the school house to practice. Was just opposite Joe's when I met [Alfred] Lucking. He asked my company or rather that he would like to go if I would let him walk with me. Did not get home until about eleven. Had ever so much fun.

--ad from October 21, 1912 Ypsilanti Daily Press

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