Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Effluent Chronicles: 1920

Try to wrap your mind around this: in 1920, the municipal sewer system drained directly into the Huron River.

No water treatment plant. No filter. No sterilization, purification, or de-ickyfication.

Swim, anyone?

In October of 1920, the water level dropped and the effluent was piling up in the Huron. The aroma wafted over area homes. Delightful when you're sitting down to your home-cooked meal or snuggling into bed. In 1920, the population of Ypsilanti was around 7,500. So that's 7,500 "donations" to the problem every day--more if on a high-fiber diet.

Luckily winter was right around the corner.

Stay tuned for more entries into the Effluent Chronicles.

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