Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweetening Michigan's Economy

Have you heard that ongoing series on Michigan Radio called "Three Things"? Reporters ask random people about the three things they could do to improve the sour Michigan economy.

There's one way to sweeten it--but not with traitorous cane sugar. Do you see sugarcane fields waving in the wind in Augusta Township? Have you sipped a nice bag of cane juice at the Farmer's Market? Do you drive past machete-wielding workers chopping down stalks?

I thought not. Do you know three things you could do to send the Michigan economy skyrocketing? You could buy three bags of "Pure Michigan" beet sugar. Fall is the peak sugar consumption season, with Thanksgiving pies, steamy cocoa, and cup after cup of coffee sending sugar consumption soaring. Do your part this fall season to keep your sugar expenditures in your home state. Know how you spell economic recovery? B-E-E-T-S-U-G-A-R.

--ad from October 12, 1939 Ypsilanti Daily Press


TeacherPatti said...

Did you know about Brian Steinberg, who is doing a sugar beet project to bring sugar beets back to MI? I am growing some (albeit not well) in my garden. http://lastoneeating.wordpress.com/author/chefbrian1/

Dusty D said...

That's really cool! I note that for folks who are growing their own, he's offering an upcoming sugar-making event--fun! Wow, what a cool way to reenact some real Michigan traditions!

From his blog:

Sugar Making Party Oct 24th

I am still looking for a location to host the event, but it will be in the Ann Arbor area. I will post the actually location on my event section of this blog. Plan on having your beets harvested, wash and ready to make into sugar. If you have a large heavy bottom pot (not a canning pot), bring it.

Please email me with any questions.