Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday Mystery Spot

The last Mystery Spot presented an aerial view from a downtown building...the Masonic Hall, now the Riverside Arts Center. Building Place, Joe, and BF nailed it! Good spottin', gentlemen!

This week we're moving to another part of town. Hmm, what is this regrettably now-vanished building? In past days this was the site of the now-vanished custom of "Flag Day." [hint!] Take your best guess and good luck!


Joe said...

I think its the main building of the Normal.(Eastern Michigan College then University)

Dusty D said...

Interesting guess, Joe. Thanks for reading; I've been a bit under the weather due to a bum ankle, bah. I aim to concentrate on keeping DD updated.

Building Place said...

Yep. Definitely the Normal School's "Old Main." That wing on the left came down to build Boone Hall.

As a side note, that curbing and street down at the bottom of the picture look about as rough as "College Place" did before the Obama Administration "stimulated" reconstruction of this block this year!

Dusty D said...

Intriguing guess Building Place.

I must say, I do appreciate the li'l bike lane they installed (painted) in Collage Place with the reconstruction. When I go to Halle Library I can just zip down Cross (also has bike lane, from Huron to water tower) and scoot in to College Place without the former potholes/parked cars/randomly scattered gravel/driving-car slalom.