Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Farm Song" by Ypsilanti Farmer-Poet William Lambie


When the darkness closes o'er us,
And the cattle all are fed;
Then we meet around the table,
Grateful for our daily bread.

When the lamps are burning brightly,
And the youngsters on the roam;
We aye feel a thrill of gladness,
When they play a bonnie tune.

When we hear the rain drops patter,
And the wind blow bleak and cold;
Sweet music takes us back again,
To the sunny days of old.

When melodious voices mingle,
And light hearts are glad and gay;
They can make our heartstrings tingle,
Like the glee of life's young day.

Let sweet homes ring with roundelays,
And mellow notes be sung;
The charming tunes and songs of praise,
To sing our old hearts young.

When sweet voices sing for gladness,
And our hearts are sad and lone;
We forget our cares and sadness,
And joy hangs around our home.

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