Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Indianapolis, Ind.--Wm. H. Brown, president of the Brown-Ketcham Iron Works, one of the well-known business men of Indianapolis, has been treating his fine carriage horse by Christian Science to cure lockjaw. When asked yesterday if he had resorted to Christian Science methods to cure the animal, he said, "I resort to prayer in all my sorrows."

The police were called to his home to investigate a case of alleged cruelty to animals. They ascertained that the horse had been suffering for several days from lockjaw, and that Mr. Brown had been trying to cure it by faith.

Mrs. Brown informed the police that her husband had been praying daily for the recovery of the animal as he has as much faith in Christian Science as in the solidity of a mountain. They were informed that a veterinarian had been called, but that Mr. Brown had broken all the bottles of medicine that had been left, as Mrs. Brown declared that he was absolutely confident that prayers would save the horse.

The humane officers were notified, and have charge of the case. --May 25, 1904 Ypsilanti Evening Press

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