Thursday, May 5, 2011

Past and Present: Luna Lake


Diane said...

This postcard is just amazing! When I was little, I would take my frogs to Prospect Park pond. (I liked to collect frogs when we went up north. Unfortunately, my frogs croaked all night long. After one night, my parents would make me take the frogs to Prospect Park and put them in the pond.) Since my Grandma lived on Prospect Street, this pond and park were very familiar to me.

My mom talked about walking down to the park, when she was little. The people who lived in the area really enjoyed this park. We have a number of family photos taken in front of the cannon.

I am still amazed that it was called Luna Lake and had paths and flowers! Wow! Wished it had stayed like the postcard. Really pretty. Thank you so much for sharing this!

cmadler said...

Any guess or information about the year of the old picture?

Dusty D said...

Diane: What an absolutely lovely reminiscence! You know, that would made a lovely story for "Gleanings," the historical society's quarterly bulletin. I bet they'd love to run it! Why don't you write it up--a photo would be fantastic--and send it to the Historical Society? If you want you can email it to me and I'll make sure it gets to the right person; we're just changing some officers, &c. I'd love to read the whole story!

Dusty D said...

Hi cmadler--sorry for the delay in posting your comment. I have all comments go into a queue so as to sift out the Russian sex toy offers (those go in a special folder for later--just kidding). AT ANY RATE, to answer your query, to provide information in response to your questioning, to supply a detailed report to your

Your guess would likely be as good or better than mine but I'd guess around 1905-1910-ish?