Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tonybumpkins & Co.

Hey! How many times have you wondered what the popular dog names were in Ypsilanti a century ago?

102 years ago, to be precise.

Well, hold onto your seat. I will tell you this thing. These are from a list of dogs whose owners followed the local law and got their dogs a license...there was an intermittent rabies scare that long-ago spring and summer, with one kid bundled off to U-M for rabies treatment, which was fairly painful in those days.

Anyways, who's a good boy? Whooo's a gooood booooooooyyy?

Beaut, Bess, Bettie, Bing, Doc, Don, Gil, Jack, another Jack, Jim, John, Lassie, Nellie, Piker, Queen, Rab, Riley, Rover, Sheriff, Stub, Sugar, Teddy, Tip, Tobias, Toby, Tonybumpkins, Trey, and Willie (one of our dog's names!).

--July 13, 1909 Ypsilanti Daily Press


Dusty D said...

Theory: it is impossible to read "Tonybumpkins" without saying it out loud in a silly voice.

Or maybe it's just me.

Tuesday said...

i think the statistic of 28 out of 300 dogs in Ypsilanti having a license is still true today. i got my dogs tags in March (all dog license expire the end of December) and they were numbers 26 and 27. i guess that in 2212 Fenrir and Tuesday will be on the list.