Monday, January 23, 2012

The Cold Wave of 1912

Read all about the great cold wave of exactly one century ago this January! Thanks to the Courier and its great new editor T.! (If you don't have a sub, don't forget to pick up your paper copy on Thursday!)


Ben said...

How long was coal gas piped to homes in Ypsi?

Dusty D said...

That is an excellent question Ben. I know the city did take over control of the gas plant in 1914, so at least till then. There's a folder about the plant in the Archives; I was just there today but I can check that on Saturday; I'd like to know too! I can also check my plat map collection this evening to see when the plant disappears from the maps to get a ballpark figure. If I find some info, I'll post it here. Thanks for reading! :)