Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sarah Jane Norton Diaries: Sharon Springs, NY

In the spring of 1864, 24-year-old Sarah Jane Norton, her 28-year-old husband Austin, and the couple's infant son Charlie emigrated from Sharon Springs, New York, to Ypsilanti. Sarah kept a diary over the next 43 years until her death in November of 1906. Her 1864 diary will be serialized here during 2012. To see all entries to date, see the "Sarah Jane Norton" tag at bottom.

At left she is pictured in 1888 at age 49. Introduction to the Norton family.

1/29/1864: Aut work in the woods day

1/30/1864: Albert is coming home soon he is in New York

1/31/1864: Rains and freezes [ah] so splpery one can hardly stand up Charly is begining run alone

2/1/1864 & 2/2/1864: [is Charlie writing "sick" here? on behalf of his mother]

2/3/1864: Mr. Wort had his donation to day. we were going. but we could get no shoes for Charlie to wear I tried to make a pair and spoils them Aut wanted me to go and he would take care of Charlie. but I did not want to

2/4/1864: Spent the evning George Fondes. Tad and Elma were there we had a good visit it is a good place to go a visiting. Charlie was good we did not get home till most twelve

These diaries were written by Sarah Jane Norton and are the property of the Norton Family. They may be used and reproduced for genealogical and historical purposes only. No commercial use is allowed without the express, written permission of Dennis Norton and no charge may be made for, nor income derived from their use.

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