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Sarah Jane Norton Diaries: Sharon Springs, NY

In the spring of 1864, 24-year-old Sarah Jane Norton, her 28-year-old husband Austin, and the couple's infant son Charlie emigrated from Sharon Springs, New York, to Ypsilanti. Sarah kept a diary over the next 43 years until her death in November of 1906. Her 1864 diary will be serialized here during 2012. To see all entries to date, see the "Sarah Jane Norton" tag at bottom.

At left she is pictured in 1888 at age 49. Introduction to the Norton family.

1/22/1864: Ironed at home all day Flora called this evening Aut to work and boards from home. he has boarded from home but a very little since we have been married

1/23/1864: Pleasant. Charlie has been very cross today I do not think he is very well. Received a letter from Ypsilanti to day our folks seem to be well pleased at the idea of our coming out there Mr. Scrum was busied to day

1/24/1864: I was going to Church but it thawed so that I could not go Aut was running down street a back he was home in the evening Marie and Mary J Smith called

1/25/1864: Thawing yet Aut is to work for R Hanson to day I washed. Charlie was very cross he is more trouble than he used to be. full of mischief to, as he can sh[r]iek I went to the stoar and left Charlie with Mrs. Stoffor[d].

1/26/1864: Aut is chopping Lenard Larpunge and boards home. but I do not mind a little more work it is plesanter to have him here at meal time than to eat alone. Mr D Potter has his donation to night. we do not go. he is to much of a Loafer Flora was here this afternoon Mary Moak called this evening

1/27/1864: I was going to Marie's to day and Mother Norton sent for me to come there and visit with Mr and Mrs [Work] the Lutheran minister and wife Edhna and Flora were there I had a good visit

1/28/1864: Went to Marias Aut called for one when he came from his work thawing very fast

These diaries were written by Sarah Jane Norton and are the property of the Norton Family. They may be used and reproduced for genealogical and historical purposes only. No commercial use is allowed without the express, written permission of Dennis Norton and no charge may be made for, nor income derived from their use.

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