Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sarah Jane Norton Diaries: Sharon Springs, NY

In the spring of 1864, 24-year-old Sarah Jane Norton, her 28-year-old husband Austin, and the couple's infant son Charlie emigrated from Sharon Springs, New York, to Ypsilanti. Sarah kept a diary over the next 43 years until her death in November of 1906. At left she is pictured in 1888 at age 49. Introduction to the Norton family.

1/8/1864: My ride home yesterday was much pleasanter than going down. I never was so pleased in my life as I was when I found out out that he was not going back their names were not called on and came home. it seemed good to get home again. I could not feel like stayin home while he was gone.

1/9/1864: when we came home everything was froze up that could freeze my dishes were dirty that eat breakfast of from Tuesday morning I did not care whether they were washed or not [Natom] Eldridge was busied to [dat] is very sickly

1/10/1864: I have taken a bad cold. I cannot tell how we are having quite cold weather

1/11/1864: I have such a bad cold I did not wash Aut has a cold to he got out see for Teadore Smith to day. he says he is a going to work all he can stay home nights and save his money

1/12/1864: Aut worked for The half of day George Fonda and his wife spent the evening here George has the western feaver as well as we have but his wife does not want to go

1/13/1864: I am alone Aut is chopping for Teadore Smith I took tea up to Mother Nortons this evening

1/14/1864: I such a cough and cold that I feel to lazy to stir. Josh and Flora came home from Albany today they both of them almost sick with a cold

These diaries were written by Sarah Jane Norton and are the property of the Norton Family. They may be used and reproduced for genealogical and historical purposes only. No commercial use is allowed without the express, written permission of Dennis Norton and no charge may be made for, nor income derived from their use.


Russ said...

Glad to see you're back Laura! Hope all is good with you and things are getting back to some sort of normal. Warm Regards! Russ

Dusty D said...

Thank you Russ; I appreciate your kind thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this diary over the next year. I've read the whole thing...the sheer amount of WORK Sarah does every day is astounding. No washer, dryer, no electric iron, I think no sewing machine, no disposable diapers, no microwave, no bread machine, &c. She is working so hard every day, AND caring for her infant Charlie who is sick quite often. It's humbling.