Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Attention Men!

Once in a while we all need our moral systems invigorated. You can't argue with that.

Well, one medicine doesn't stop there. One new nerve food is the only reliable cure, sure and lasting, for nervous exhaustion, lost vitality, insomnia, troublesome dreams, impotency and despondency.

It's Bar-Ben.

The miraculous Bar-Ben is a sure-fire antidote to the stress cased by overwork, worry, hard study. Or excesses.

Under its influence, the brain becomes active, and the blood purified so that all pimples, blotches, and ulcers disappear.

The nerves become strong and steady as steel; the eyes become bright and the face full and clear.

Your moral, physical, and vital systems are invigorated and every organ of the body--every organ--becomes natural and healthy.

Available at the Rogers-Weinmann-Matthews drugstore.

See you there.

--July 25, 1905 Ypsilanti Daily Press

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