Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Mystery Spot

The previous Mystery Spot offered a view of some all-season flowers on the south side of town. Over on Facebook, Janice correctly guessed that this is a photo of a home on Grove Road just a bit south of Michigan Ave. It's at about 26 Grove Road on the west side of the street.

We head a bit north this time for a tricky interior shot of a building that no longer exists. Hmm, where was this peaceful spot? Take your best guess and good luck!


(Rick Perry via DD) said...

A guess from Rick Perry over on Facebook:

"I'm going to say it's either the old Ypsi high school library or maybe even Roosevelt High School's library...just a couple of guesses."

Joe said...

It looks like the old Normal Library somewhere around the time when Genevieve Walton was the librarian.

Dusty D said...

Rick, you got it! Thanks for guessing though, Joe; good guess! :)