Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Impress The Chicks

T'other night, the Parson and me was down at Brown's saloon. The Reverend's a philosophical man, yes sir. 'Specially at 1 A.M. after five or six slugs o' Buckthorn Temperance Bitters.

"Got a question fer ya, Dusty D," he said. I respectfully removed the flapjack from my head. "Scientists say that chicks simply thrive on that scientific ration. Why?"

"Well sir," I responded, "reason for that is 'cause it's built outta the finest, purest, God-given sustainably-crumbled chick-growin' nutriments. The fat o' the land, sir, just like you was preachin' about last Sunday. Calcium, that's in there, an' lime, cracked corn, milled barley, rice hearts, nude peas, oat livers, diatomaceous earth, yes indeedy! Th'boys down at Pep's store call it "a real chick-grower that always brings consistent results."

Reader, that was one memorable night, though I'm not sure how much the Parson recalls. Back to this mash now. Try some, won'tcha? Pour a little in a bowl there. Lookit that creamy color. Globe's Chick Mash--best in Washtenaw County--that there is made with pure-D buttermilk. Here's a spoon--dig in. Good, ain't it? Don't be greedy now! There's a passel o' li'l yellow folk out in the barn a-waiting for some too!

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Dusty D said...

B. G. Moorman's & Co.'s listing in the 1924 city directory (the ad pictured is from a 1924 paper):

MOORMAN B. G. & SON (Burton G & George B), Custom Mill, Flour, Feed, Grain, Builder's Supplies, Lime, Plaster, and Cement 9-11 Mich av W, Tel 12