Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What in the Sam Hill...1860 City Directory

Dusty D was industriously looking for onetime Ypsilanti daguerreotypists for an upcoming column in the Loomis and Talbott 1860 city directory.

DD read meticulously through each name, completely missing, naturally, the business index in the back listing the two photographers I eventually found. At any rate, what I also found was this listing for one J. M. Howard:

Howard J. M., principal business is courting what few ladies there are that are willing to be bored with him, boards east side Huron, bt. Emmet and Ellis
[onetime name of city's portion of Washtenaw Ave.].

Now, don't you get a Wodehose/Jerome K. Jerome vibe from this adorable ne'er-do-well who had the sheer cheek to deliver this tidbit of nonsense to the directory agent? I certainly like this person without knowing any more about him. Some day I may have time to research him and find out more about this fellow. Till then, here's to you, sir, it seems your courting is still impressing the ladies, 150 years later...

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Dusty D said...

You'll note, kind readers, that another fellow further down the listings IDs himself, in all caps, as a "LOAFER." Heh. I like both these guys. Vintage flaneurs...