Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Mystery Spot

We had some excellent guesses in the last Mystery Spot. Rick Perry correctly guessed that this scene was the old Ypsilanti High School library. It is pictured in the 1903 YHS yearbook the "Ypsi-Dixit."
Some of the old yearbooks have beautiful bits of engraving. Here is a lovely ad in the 1907 Ypsi-Dixit from the onetime Scharf Tag, Label, & Box Co, which used to be in operation where Congdon's is now:
Here is an even more baroque example, from the 1901Ypsi-Dixit:
This week we journey to a building that sadly no longer exists. Take a peek and see if you can suss out the identity of this vanished building; good luck!


Joe said...

I really have no idea. My only guess in the National Guard Armory.

Dusty D said...

Looks somewhat like the AA Armory, doesn't it? Hmm....