Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Mystery Spot

Last week was a toughie; this lovely stone and brick confection is long gone. It's the old Woodruff School, which used to stand at the corner of Park and Michigan Ave. The school opened its doors in 1901. Here's a photograph from that year of the interior of a classroom.
The school was a major feature in that part of town that was once known as "Dutchtown." Here's a story about Dutchtown.

This week we leave Dutchtown but don't venture too far. This week's Mystery Spot presents an aerial view from a local landmark...hmm, which one? Take your best guess and good luck!


Building Place said...

A view from the top of the RAC, I'd say.

BF said...

That's my guess, too. (I was going to say the Masonic Temple.)

Joe said...

I would also guess the Riverside Arts Center looking south east. The shape of the ledge still confuses me.

Dusty D said...

Interesting comments, gentlemen...extra points for using the building's historic name (cough). :D