Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Curiosity at the Opera House: A "Real, Full-Blooded Indian."

"A real, full-blooded Indian is one of the acts at the Ypsilanti opera house this week. Mr. Deer was 12 years with Buffalo Bill as chief of the Iroquois Indians and was with him in the holy land.

"Another turn that is especially good is that by Le Jess team of contortionists and acrobats who are said to be absolutely without a bone in their bodies. Le Jess manages someway to get in a box 18 inches square and have room enough left for two dozen pint bottles.

"The pictures are good and the songs unusually attractive this week and altogether the bill is a remarkably good one.

"Friday night will be Detroit vaudeville night and on Saturday evening an extra large vaudeville bill will be presented."

--Ypsilanti Daily Press,
February 25, 1909.


Joe said...

18" BOX?!?! That I would like to see.

Dusty D said...

Weeeeeellll, mebbe it was one of know...18-inch boxes with a four-foot cavity concealed below the stage. :D