Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Vintage Valentine for your Sweetie: $2

Here's a last-minute Valentine idea to create a unique and charming present for your sweetie. At the Ypsilanti Archives, a big trove of vintage sheet music was unearthed. Since it has no relevance to Ypsilanti, the Archives is selling it--for only $2 per unit (these sell for considerably more on ebay). Many of these are love songs and the art---is to die for. SO PRETTY! Some of them are lithographs, my fave art medium. Just beautiful, and a real piece of Americana (there are even some wonderful old Irving Berlin pieces in there).

All you need is a spare nice picture frame and voila--you have a wonderful and unusual Valentine's Day present! Most of the music is 9 by 12 inches or a bit larger (my 8 by 11 scanner sliced off a few edges there, sorry).

Archives (300 N. Huron, white door on N side) are open tomorrow (Sunday) from 2 to 5 p.m.

Here are some examples of the sentiments you could choose for your sweetie. Wouldn't these look great on the wall?

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Dusty D said...

Ah, I love these so much. Such exquisite art...and all for just a little bit of sheet music. Lovely!