Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inaugural "My Favorite Artifact" video starring James Mann

Like to chat about your own? It takes about half an hour; just give me a jingle. Hope you like it!


Mike said...

I *love* this video - love it. Really :) this made me so happy when I was scrolling through my unread feeds. I do miss James - I get questions all the time about my James Mann t-shirt and I always love telling people about his tours and whatnot. Thanks for making this!

Lisele said...

Ah yes, Mike -- do tell Erica that my James Mann shirt is my favorite shirt of all... THANKS, you two. Come back to Ypsi. There. I said it.

Dusty D said...

Mike: Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm glad you liked it! I do miss having you in town.