Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tidbits from the February 17, 1888 Ypsi Commercial

Kicked off with a jab at those who came to Ypsilanti to visit the Occidental spa on North Huron Street and "take the waters":

A thirteen-year-old boy who stole something gets hauled off to reform school, apparently for YEARS:

Folks from olden times are hearkening back to even earlier times with a reenactor party. 15 cents in 1888 is equivalent to $3.50 today.

The death of Robert Campbell, father-in-law to Ypsi poet-farmer William Lambie, dies at William's home in Superior Township just outside the city limits:

Finally, Michigan Avenue druggist Frank Smith combines personal and professional advertising in his bid for a housegirl and his roster of wares, many of which were the patent medicines of the day:

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