Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Little Girls of Woodruff School, Ypsilanti; c. 1930?


Diane said...

I really enjoyed looking at this photo. Do you have other early Woodruff school photos?

I have my mother's 4th grade photo from 1920 and also second grade photo from 1918 taken at Woodruff.

Dusty D said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks for your comment. The only other Woodruff photos the Archives has are two shots (1905ish?) of an interior classroom and some exterior shots.

Wow, those photos you have sound fantastic. May I ask, would you have scans of those that we could please add to the Archives? Or could we make copies of them for the Archives? Even just an emailed digital copy would be great. I'd love to post them here as well, if that is acceptable to you. At any rate, please feel free to contact me @ this at

Diane said...

Hi "Dusty",
Just checking to see if you received the old school photos I emailed to you.