Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thorn School on Textile Road

A reader sends in photos from her mom's scrapbook in response to a recent post on Woodruff School, and comments,

"Attached are copies of Thorn/e School on Textile Road. I really don't know much about it. My notes say it was a German religious school."

"The close up of the circled little girl [below] is Selma Wiederhoft, sister of Bertha Wiederhoft. She was born in 1891. If we assume she is about 5 years old, then the photo dates from about 1896. Her younger sister Marie was born in 1892 and is not in the photo. Not sure what age children started attending school back then."

"The other close up with three girls circled [below] are: left: Ida Wiederhoft born 1883 married Theodore Hand; center Anna Wiederhoft born 1885 married Herman Roggenkamp; right Bertha Wiederhoft born 1886 who married Herman Kruger."

"Minnie Wiederhoft born 1888 is the child circled about 3 rows behind Selma in the front."

"I would really like to learn more about the Thorn/e School. Was it only for German children or did others attend. How long was it open?"

Dusty D does not know, but hopes other readers do. I'll take a look in the Archives this Saturday--our index says we have enrollment info from 1909-1927.


Anonymous said...

Though the Wiederhoft's did go to Thorn school, Anna was my Grandmother, this is Not a photo of the school children. This photo is of the Sunday School children of Emmanuel Lutheran Church on River Street.
I attended an 150 year anniversary celebration of the church in 2009 & saw this photo in a display case there. I don't remember the date on the photo but I can find it or you could check this out with the church. I also have this large photo myself.
A Google search of Thorn School gives it's location on Textile Road. I think the school was still open in the 1950's. I do have a class photo of Thorn school that have the Wiederhoft kids in the photo that I will try to post later. I would Love to know more about the school and see some additional photo's if anyone has them. Thank you Susan Metler

Diane said...

Thank you, Susan, for the correction! It looks like my other cousin had part of the information correct. It is a German religious school photo, but not the Thorne School on Textile Road. Now, let's hope the names of the circled kids are correct!