Monday, April 11, 2011

News Tidbits from the April 11, 1895 Ypsilantian

"A kinetoscope, one of Edison's latest inventions, was on exhibition last Friday at the Hawkins house. It is a wonderful machine and reproduces motion. This one reproduced a four round prize fight."

"The musical program to be given at the Young Women's Christian Association Friday evening promises to be very fine."

"An employee of the Singer Sewing Machine Co. with an unpronounceable name has turned up missing after having sold a couple of machines and failing to turn over the proceeds, $75 [$1950 today]."

"Another calla is reported which measures forty-two and one-fourth inches from the ground to the tip of the spathe. The plant has had a little dilute ammonia water occasionally throughout the winter, but no other fertilizer."

"FOR SALE. I have a quantity of early White Evart Potatoes which I will sell for seed. Residence 1 mile east of the southwest corner of the township of Salem." WM. H. HARRISON."

"The correct thing in calling cards and note paper at the Bazarette."

"The Cleary College base ball team has ordered new suits."

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