Thursday, April 7, 2011

STONY CREEK: The social at Mr. Armstrong's was a success, and those wishing less noise during the supper hour had it, as Mum was the word. But for all that, some forfeits were paid, for strange to say, "some people will talk." --Item in April 7, 1895 Ypsilantian newspaper.


TeacherPatti said...

Let's get this kind of reporting started again...I'd love to see one of my dinner parties written up :)

Dusty D said...

It is charming, isn't it? Not only did the paper report on Ypsi meetings and parties, they reported on bunches of them in the surrounding communities (like Stony Creek). But it wasn't reporters going out--it was participants or hosts dropping off little writeups at the paper's downtown office.

Fritz said...

Cool. They had Facebook in the 1890's. :-)

Dusty D said...

Yes.......except the way to "friend" all other Ypsilantians at once was to cough up a buck for a year of what used to be called a "newspaper." :)

Pondering your comment though. It's true that the papers were filled with gossipy little items like this and from what I've seen they began to fade out around the time of the Depression. For a while "Society Notes" type columns were the last remnant of this community babble (and this lasted well into the 60s), but it is not so interesting to me...I couldn't care less what Mrs. Gottrox is up to.

WAS kinda like Facebook...hmm, is there a story here? Thanks for the cool comment Mr. F.

Dusty D said...

Incidentally this "silent social" was one of a bewildering variety of types of themed socials people and white socials, candy socials, sewing game socials, you name it.

As tedious as some of these undoubtedly were to some participants, I have to say that to me I like the idea of consuming pre-made branded entertainment less than the idea of people making their own fun.

Except for "House," of course. And the sadly departed "Detroit 1-8-7" (sigh).