Thursday, July 29, 2010

Carpocalypse, Or, Sometimes Dead Fish Smell All the Way to Lansing

Now here's a story I am proud of.

You know the poison rotenone was used to try and stop the Asian carp in the Chicago shipping canal. But did you know it was used a generation ago to try and purge Ford Lake? Unfortunately, the well-meant attempt led to a bit of a disaster...and, um, a statewide ban on rotenone.

Yes, Ford Lake, which has absorbed everything from PCBs to heavy metals over the industrial era, led to the BANNING of yet one more poison. Just a tad ironic in my opinion. Anyways, read my long-winded tale of the event in today's Chronicle! Thanks to my editor and captions-writing expert Dave Askins!

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Dusty D said...

I swear I write my best stories about animals. Perhaps I empathize with them or whatnot; I don't know. But my secret love of carp does leak through in this tale, as impartial as I tried to be. You can tell; you can tell I love the carpies.

Not for dinner, though, despite the Ypsi Press' recommendation.