Thursday, July 15, 2010

Memorial Photo of J. Frederick Schmid

Photo of the memorial flower display for one J. Frederick Schmid. One of the memorial photos that didn't make it into the Chronicle story. One photo is of the coffin plate. This is the metal plate bearing the deceased's name and date of death that is attached to the interior (I think) of the coffin prior to burial. You can also see one floral element forming an anchor. This does NOT, as is so often and erroneously repeated, an infallible sign that the deceased was a sailor (though the anchor does sometimes appear on a mariner's tomb). It is more usually a reference to one's steadfast anchorage or hope in a Christian God--steadfast faith. The date on the coffin plate seems to say 1891. The deceased is buried in Highland Cemetery. R.I.P., J. Frederick Schmid.

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