Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ypsi Archives Subject of Upcoming AnnArbor.com Story!

Dusty D had the pleasure today of meeting AnnArbor.com reporter and former Detroit News reporter James Dickson. He recently wrote an excellent, well-written review of an Ann Arbor historic tour that puckered the sphincters of several Ann Arborite commentors because Dickson dared to say something other than that it was wonderful. He was honest. Which makes me respect him. A breath of fresh air.

Dickson impressed me as a very good reporter with a crucial gift--he makes people feel comfortable. I am not a Chatty Cathy by a long shot but there I was, babbling away, hand gestures, the whole thing. His pleasant nature and interest in the speaker really encouraged conversation.

Then Mr. Dickson sat at the table where a big and successful research project was going on with a visitor from Texas. Again, (I was secretly observing Mr. D. while scanning some photos), Mr. Dickson's laid-back, positive, and interested nature made the visitor and the researcher open up and happily talk at length about the project in an animated back-and-forth conversation. All of us felt happy to have met him.

Mr. Dickson really has a gift for relaxing interview subjects so that they open up. He took a lot of notes and everyone's contact info too, which impressed me as to thoroughness.

The story if it runs should be in AnnArbor.com soon. I'll be excited to read it. Mr. Dickson, kudos to you for your most recent story about the tour and I look forward to your future stories!

(Photo borrowed from AnnArbor.com site).

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